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Sergio Canto
Caribbean / Belize
Age: 28 años

I teach people how to start production, increase quality and quantity by managing tilapia production together with vegetable farming.

Category: Small-scale fishing
Speciality: Production and marketing
Value chain: Fishing
Province: Cayo
Municipality: San Antonio Village

My main expertise is in tilapia farming (gray and red tilapia) I can teach people how to start production, increase quality and quantity by managing tilapia production in conjunction with vegetable farming.

We started by testing and learning what are the best management practices and infrastructure to improve production with the Tilapia Indoor Recirculating Aguaculture System (RAP System method). We continued with the purchase of certified fingerlings, the implementation of production records, costs that allow us to market more than 3,000 pounds per year in the local market.

  • How to start a tilapia production (costs, infrastructure design, installation)
  • How to install the water system for the good functioning of water and oxygen flow.
  • Increase the capacity of fingerlings per square cubic meter. With good management practices can increase 10 times the amount.
  • A proper Packaging along with required information so that consumers know what they are purchasing.
  • Implement good practices in relation to water, oxygen, PH management to improve survival of the tilapia fingerlings.
  • Transitioning from Traditional way of farming to a modern approach (eg. instalment of black plastic on the earth ponds to prevent tilapia from eating mud which affects the taste when consumed) which in this case good results has been obtained in terms of quality and quantity improvement.
  • Maintain approximately 2000 tilapias after each harvest to secure all year production and support the market.
  • Implementation of the RAP System method.
  • 80 % development of infrastructure to increase the capacity of tilapia
  • 95% increase in the market.
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