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Rural Champions

Value chain
Guillermo Maroquin
Caribbean / Belize
Age: 29 años

The role of an intermediary in the value chain is key. Let's talk about its importance !

Category: Agriculture
Speciality: Administration and finance
Value chain: Vegetables
Province: Cayo
Municipality: Valley of Peace

Guillermo is a member of Valley of peace Lagoon Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd, a highly recognised associative enterprise of local vegetable producers who market their produce mainly in the local market.

As a newly registered cooperative, formed by villagers in the Valley of peace, Cayo district, it now has 42 members, 7 women and 4 youth, with the aim of supplying high quality produce and meeting customer demand. In turn, to improve the lifestyle of the community and villagers.

Moreover, with the guidance and support of public organisations such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Cooperatives, they have been improving and implementing new practices that can help them achieve their goal.

  • Perform a market analysis to obtain knowledge on market price, demand and supply of customers
  • Ability to establish contacts with clients that could help elaborate agreements on selling the products.
  • Encourage and implement controls in the organization like policies, regulations, laws ect
  • Encourage members to adapt of using good agricultural practices to produce high quality produce that could fit in a competitive market.
  • Ability to produce quality vegetables from seedlings up to harvest with good agricultural practices.
  • Experienced in managing chemical pesticide.
  • Experience in the management of pest on different crops.
  • Experiments on organic fertilizer, and pesticide to improve productivity.
  • Listen to the costumers of what are the needs so that later on can reach to an agreement and cover the need.
  • Post harvesting activities to secure high-quality produce that could be purchase immediately by clients.
  • Provide clients with a forecast of next harvest of certain products.
  • Gather with members to create plant planning for field activities to meet market objective.
  • Discuss with members the situation of the market, buyers request, demand for a better understanding.
  • Discuss and make agreement with clients.

Example: For a client to have constant produce all year round they should only buy from them giving the opportunity for better prices.

  • Provide best quality produce to costumer to prevent any unwanted situation.
  • Analyze carefully how situation is in the market to make agreements.
  • Understand client situation.
  • Secondary School (Highschool): General studies
  • Department of cooperatives: Administration and marketing training
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