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Rural Champions

Value chain
Derick James Mesh
Caribbean / Belize
Age: 20 años

Are you a coffee farmer or do you want to become one? THEN LET'S TALK ! 

Category: Biocultural assets
Speciality: Organic coffee production
Value chain: Coffee
Province: Cayo
Municipality: San Antonio Village

Oxmul Coffee is located in the village of San Antonio in the Cayo district, the coffee plants grow under the shade of the trees.

The coffee is processed by the Mesh family and produced locally. The aim of the company is to supply organic coffee to the people and country of Belize so that its people can enjoy the taste of good local coffee.

As a family, they have a saying "it's more than coffee", which means that it is not only growing and processing coffee, but also opening a market and generating income for other coffee farmers.

Derick creates jobs for young people, too, with the good practices that is agroforestry and agrobiodiverse practices with a focus on sustainability and food security taking into account culture and tradition (language, writing, agricultural calendar).

The family business is setting a good example for the community through good practices (agroforestry, agrobiodiversity) with good results.


  • Social media marketing
  • Know what the customer wants
  • Knowing what customers can afford
  • Agroforestry and agrobiodiversity
  • Their coffee is grown under medicinal and fruit trees and is produced organically.
  • Reduction of the impact of natural disasters thanks to the large natural resources in the surrounding area (planting and conservation of forests).
  • Controlling pests, weeds and using organic fertilisers (bucashi).
  • Increasing soil fertility through composting, cover crops and planting fruit trees in deforested areas.
  • Improved organisational management processes in the value chain and owner engagement in marketing, packaging, cultivation and processing.
  • Generated partnerships with public and private institutions: Oxmul coffee opened a market for coffee farmers.
  • Practice different strategies that lead to increased biodiversity, e.g. agroforestry.
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