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Rural Champions

Value chain
David Amaya
Caribbean / Belize
Age: 29 años

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Category: Agriculture
Speciality: Management and production of vegetables
Value chain: Vegetables
Province: Cayo
Municipality: Valley of Peace

David is Vice President of Valley of peace Lagoon Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd, a well-recognised associative enterprise of local vegetable producers who market their produce mainly in the local market.

As a newly registered cooperative, formed by villagers in the Valley of peace, Cayo district, it now has 42 members, 7 women and 4 youth, with the aim of supplying high quality produce and meeting customer demand by improving the lifestyle of the community and its members.

Moreover, with the guidance and support of public organisations such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Cooperatives, they have been improving and implementing new practices that can help them achieve their goal.

  • Implement good agricultural practices from the stage of seedling to harvesting to ensure a good performance on quality of produce.
  • fertilization, monitoring of crops.
  • integrated pest management technique applied using, traps, resistant seed hybrids, organic materials such as white lime, ash, Melasa ect.
  • Has the knowledge of the different vegetable production stages which is beneficial to provide client with the required vegetable and demand.
  • Ten years experience in management of a botanical business.
  • Organize trainings to schools, botanical tours.
  • Maintain documentation/ report of activities.
  • Provide coaching services to members by the means of conversations, visiting the fields and about production of vegetables.
  • Recently elected as Vice president in the cooperative because of being a knowledgable, experience person to help improve the managerial position.
  • Reduce cost of production using Organic Fertilizer.
  • Design of a drainage to prevent the flooding, and damages of the crops.
  • Practice in water management utilizing drip irrigation system and sprincklers.
  • Install or practice techniques to achieve better results which can be later implemented.
  • Improve family income and quality of life as a vegetable producer.
  • Obtain good relationship with associative members and clients/ buyers of the product.
  • Obtaining quality and healthy crops obtained as a result of implementing good practices.
  • Constantly monitoring vegetables, as a means of preventing and introducing adequate measure to have a loss on the fields.
  • Provide adequate management practices when fertilizing, pest control, harvesting to ensure quality of produce.
  • Secondary School (Highschool): General studies
  • Training: How to train a trainer provide.