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Rural Champions

Value chain
Daliany Cecilia Galdamez
Caribbean / Belize
Age: 21 años

Let's talk about how to modify and adapt different manures for vermicomposting !

Category: Agriculture
Speciality: Management and production of vegetables
Value chain: Vegetables
Province: Cayo
Municipality: Belmopan

As a recent graduate, my favourite area while studying was experimenting on how different manures could be modified and adapted for vermicomposting. To be more specific vermicomposting using cattle, pig and sheep manure. It is something that apparently not much people are aware of and are always so excited to learn about when I share or showcase my knowledge on it. With that being said I believe this is my strongest skill I can bring to the table

I have innovated in the development of a technique that is of minimal effort and management but also very effective and reduces cost of production by a lot. Innovative in the sense that with this technique we take what we call waste materials (in this case animal manure) and convert it into something that will reduce expenses and can also be sold to bring income. Also, it reduces contamination of environment.

  • Reintroducing microorganisms to the soil.
  • Treating the soil to kill harmful bacteria or fungus.
  • Ploughing and tilling the soil.
  • Obtaining higher yields and better quality produce.
  • All members are working directly with restaurants.
  • The association has a well-established directive in which all members are taken into account and transparency is top priority.
  • Members are assisted if unable to meet an assigned task or with personal.
  • <30% reduction in fertilizer purchasing
  • Increase conception rate and decrease abortion of fruits and flowers
  • Healthier soils, fruits, and plants
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