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Rural Champions

Value chain
Dominican Republic
Benedita del Carmen Torres Ramos
Caribbean / Dominican Republic
Age: 35 años

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Category: Agriculture
Speciality: Administration and finance
Value chain: Pineapple
Province: Monte Plata
Municipality: Monte Plata

Benedita is the Project Manager at the Association of Pineapple Producers of Monte Plata -ASOPROPIMOPLA-, an associative company of small pineapple producers that has commercial agreements with the local market, national and international supermarkets and fruit exporters.

Created by young people from the province of Monte Plata and other localities in the country, ASOPROPIMOPLA brings together 340 members, 33% women and 80% young people with the aim of producing pineapples of excellent quality and taste, so that this fruit becomes the flagship of the local economy and contribute to the development of the province.

With the support of the Dominican government and Non-Governmental Organisations, they have initiated the transformation of the pineapple sector, generating a wide variety of options for the generation of 200 permanent jobs and more than 100 mobile jobs, the possibility of improving the quality of life of the community.

  • Management of gender and youth integration in pineapple production.
  • Evaluation and presentation of business plans to promote pineapple production in favour of community development.
  • Focus on planning, management and control of administrative procedures.
  • Continuous training.
  • We develop teamwork strategies and training programmes for producers and workers, focusing on continuous improvement in each area of the company's work.
  • Strengthening the management of investor members.
  • Faced with situations generated by the Post-Covid crisis.
  • Master in Management Process Management.
  • Bachelor in Marketing.
  • Agricultural Farm Management.
  • Qualified under the FISMA Food Handling Act.
  • Finance for decision making course.
  • Facilitator Field school on the pineapple production process.
  • Facilitator in the formation of demonstration and irradiated families.
    Biodiversity manager in pineapple cultivation.