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Value chain
Beatriz Adriana
Caribbean / Belize
Age: 39 años

Bees are to be considered livestock and need to be managed as such

Category: Beekeeping
Speciality: Production and marketing
Value chain: Honey
Province: Orange Walk
Municipality: San Antonio Village

Beekeeping Management as it entails various things. Bees are to be considered livestock and need to be managed as such, over the past couple of years I have honed the various needs of Bees in different seasons. Knowing when to feed, when to harvest, when to clean, when to change frames, add or remove suppers . Bees need water, food , maintenance and constant revision to achieve higher production of quality honey. In other words, iI have experience in beekeeping management and strategies that improve production.


I have innovated in the production of wax sheets which are collected from the hives. Being time efficient has been an achievement by implementing new equipment that can facilitate the process of harvesting honey.

  • Implementation of beekeeping management techniques to achieve quality products.
  • Organically produce products.
  • Yields increase
  • Members work hand in hand to manage and harvest the product. We find training to strengthen our weaknesses.
  • Communication plays an important role in the cooperative social media is being used to share information such as challenges, solutions and training information.
  • Record keeping is being implemented to register the number of hives and honey production to ensure traceability in marketing.
  • Visits and establishes communication with international producers and training by experts from countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico on beekeeping management and honey production.
  • Partner with commercial institutions (Belize Market Development Corporation) to sell the product.
  • 25 % increase in Production of quality honey( premium)
  • 25% increase in number of hives since strong hives lead to divisions increasing the number of hives.
  • Bees Anatomy and Identification.
  • How to identify the presence of Queen in a hive , this is if a hive is strong or weak.
  • How to Harvest Honey.
  • Importance of Beekeeping.
  • Importance of Deforestation.
  • Importance of Home gardening.
  • Importance of Bees as Pollinators.
  • Importance of Botanical aspects around an Apiary
  • Effects of pesticides around Apiaries
  • Benefits of Home gardening
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